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An In Depth Guide to Dieting

The Diet Solution Program is among the most interesting weight loss guides we got to review in the recent times. Every topic inside this informative guide is an eye-opener and shares information which is not found in such an easy-to-understand manner in other dietary and weight loss guides. Here is an honest review consisting of our observation about the content and results of the book.

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Diet programs are many, but The Diet Solution Program is one detailed guide that covers all possible aspects of following a weight loss diet. The book results from the efforts of Isabel De Los Rios, who is a nutrition expert and an exercise specialist. Isabel has laid emphasis on selecting and eating the right food items that actually contribute toward weight loss.

What the Guide Suggests?

Isabel has elaborated upon a number of things that constitute effective weight loss routine. The fitness expert shares only the valid information that one should know about obesity and weight gain. There is information on how is its possible to get rid of extra weight without keeping strict monitoring of calories burnt. Isabel is an exercise expert, but doesn’t strictly emphasize on following a strict exercising routine, which is good for a good section of readers. Three exercise routines in the book which are optional to follow.

The book shows main concern about body’s metabolism and what foods should be consumed to keep the metabolic rate effective. Isabel has shared some rare facts about foods like dairy products and artificial sweeteners and how they affect the metabolism. The author has not restrained herself from sharing truths about the health foods and how beneficial they actually are.

The focus of the book is essentially the section that provides information about recipes that are healthy as well as tasty and contribute toward weight loss. The author presents precise and calculated information about food portions that should form a part of your routine diet. Finally, there are helpful suggestions to create a routine meal plan that must be strictly followed o achieve the targeted results.

Level of Complexity

The Diet Solution Program happens to be a simple to understand weight loss guide which is appropriate for beginners as well as advanced users. There are many small chapters that explain each topic in the form of short and informative content. By reading the book, one should be able to understand the metabolic activity and to create a weight loss diet plan.

The Final Words

Isabel’s guide not only targets weight loss, but it provides information to obtain a healthy skin, to maintain the cholesterol and blood levels as well as to maintain normal blood pressure within those 180 pages. The book is believable for the scientific approach it follows to ensure overall health and wellness.

Product Information

Author: Isabel De Los Rios

Product Format: E-book with instant digital download

Price: Basic package $ 39.97; platinum package $ 59.97; a 21 day basic package trial $ 4.95; a 21 day platinum and deluxe packages trial $ 6.95.

Target Audience: Everyone (including both men and women)

Guarantee: Full money back for 60 days





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