Amazing Facts About Weight Loss And Your Health

If you haven’t heard this amazing fact well now you have; more than 80% of your physique is determined by the food you eat. This means that before you hit the gym and hope to get ripped abs, you have to start your workout in your kitchen. I’m not talking about lifting your fridge up and down as a form of exercise. Well it can be done; don’t get me wrong it’s just that I’m looking at it from a different angle. You see, your muscles don’t just decide to grow out of the blue simply because you’re doing High Intensity Training.

On the other hand, don’t just spend the whole day in the kitchen and expect to get fine, head turning ripped abs. The important key is to strike a balance between the two; eat right and train effectively. It’s not at all as complicated as the word balance may make it. It’s just a very basic truth that is so simple such that most people neglect it.

You want to gain lean mass so it’s only obvious that you should eat the right kinds of lean nutrients. I’m talking about lean proteins which will ensure that your body has the right raw materials to pump muscles. Fish is the one of the best sources of protein that I know f. it is very delicious of cause depending on the cook and it is also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which makes it even more nutritious. Eggs are a good start for your morning and are also a good accompaniment for your other meals.

Fibrous green vegetables as much as you may dislike them should be an essential part of your diet. Make sure that all your dishes have some green in it and the last meals of your day should have a lot of green n it. This is to add bulk and to ensure that you don’t take too much carbohydrate that will eventually end up beneath your tummy. Drink a lot of water and supplement your meals just don’t overdo the supplements. Eat a minimum of 5 meals in a day evenly spread out.

Now that you have the 80% of your physique covered, now we can go to the percentage that you’ll get only by working out and hitting your muscles hard. 3 days cardio for 20 minutes each will give your metabolism a kick start and will burn excess fat to give your abs a more define ripped look. This is a good start but as you progress you should do HIT cardio for a shorter period and for more days in a week.

Do exercises such as floor crunches, forward and reverse ball rolls, hanging leg raises, sit ups especially and v-sits among other exercises. Make sure that you do all these exercises under supervision if you are a beginner. This is to ensure that you are doing them using the correct technique. Be consistent and give your muscles time to grow. Make sure that you flaunt them completely when summer comes.

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