Article Writing – How to Write 6 Articles in a Hour?

By setting BIG goals you get big results. You need to aim at a target in order to hit it. Would there not be satisfaction having all those articles written in one sitting? To be able to sit back to relax and savor that thought that it is done. These can then be stored and then used as needed. Here are some techniques to use in finding inspiration and drive for successful article writing.

How To Write 6 Articles In A Hour?

Think of it as a product coming off a production line. See it as a simple process of doing it step by step as a goal driven operation. Each piece completed in a set time. This is your goal, to set a timer to ten minutes and aim at finishing each article within that time.

To help you initially think of ten questions that your readers could relate to. What is their biggest bug, hurdle, problem, pain, desire, or security issue that you can help them with? Write these down as headings that you can select 6 from. Take your first title and start typing away working against the clock.

In most cases the most time wasted in writing is in the rereading of a sentence, editing and correcting and spell check, so do not do that until everything is completed. Just concentrate on getting down what is on your mind initially. By setting a limited time gives urgency and motivation to your work.

Do this for your 6 best headlines, that you should complete within an hour. If this is not possible, try 15 or 20 minutes for each blurb. Over a period of time and with practice you can reduce the minutes it takes to write each article so that you can write 6 within a hour. Stay focused on the “Why and What” you want to do to see you through.

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