Deadly Dieting Mistakes That Will Spoil Your Dieting Program

“I tried this diet and that diet, but nothing seems to work.” That’s what most of the dieters will say. To answer this question we need to go to the root cause of the problem. Let us examine what factors determine the success or failure of a diet system.

Expectation of immediate results: If the diet system is not producing the desired results in couple of days, the dieter will go back to his old eating habits and will eventually undo the good work done by him.

The less you eat, the more weight you will lose: It is a myth that will cost you your dieting program. It is the quality of food and timing of it that determines the quantum of loss rather than the quantity of food.

Setting unreasonable goals: People generally expect miracles from the systems and set themselves very unrealistic goals. When the results are not coming their way, they become disheartened and quit half way.

Too much exercise without concentrating on food: One could only concentrate on exercises assuming that more one sweat better the result. In fact, this could lead to exhaustion and over eating.

Starving: While following a certain system, most dieters tend to starve, which in turn leads to phases of overeating.

Considering the above factors, I was on a constant look out for a program, which would bypass and address all the limitation of a routine dieting plan. Recently, I stumbled on a system, which really delivers the results. In fact, I will go a step ahead and say that is a dieter’s dream.

The foundation of the system is that if you eat right food at right time the results will be nothing short of sensational. The program revolves around the concept of shifting calories in a food in such a manner, that burning of calories becomes a cakewalk. OK, you will ask how much I lost. Well, I lost 8 pounds in 11 days, though the program claims 9 pounds in 11 days. Again, the result depends on the individual.

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