Getting Healthy – 3 Keys to Reversing Lifestyle Diseases

The pandemic of the lifestyle disease is the biggest health concern today. Obesity and diabetes is seen in every state in America and the rest of the world is catching up with deaths from heart disease, hypertension, and cancer at all time highs.

Here, I want to point out a number of ways of reversing lifestyle disease, if you are actually suffering from it right now. If you are not, then these points will keep you free from problems.

1. Write down your habits

Sounds easy, but this is the root of lifestyles that are healthy and lifestyles that are unhealthy. You could get a diary and write down what you do every day for a week, what you eat, time in front of the TV, how you get from A to B, the use of public transport, and the hobbies you do. This is all about defining your lifestyle. This is just the beginning, and you can become smart by adding healthy alternatives wherever you see the opportunity in your diary. For example, you could take a walk instead of driving or taking the bus. You could add a few more pieces of fruit instead of the snacks. These small changes spread over a year lead to dramatic improvement.

2. Specific Exercise

If you are already suffering with obesity, or being overweight, you are likely to encounter some kind of lifestyle disease. The fact is simple; a healthy lifestyle leads to a healthy normal weight. Anything different leads to problems. The good thing is there is now scientific evidence that shows how high intensity exercise can actually improve a person’s DNA messaging in the body. It’s a fact that this kind of exercise done correctly actually forces the body to build lean mass in place of fat. This increases metabolism, energy, and improves immunity.

3. Eliminate Killer Foods

Any foods that contain trans-fats like those used in fast fried foods should be eliminated completely. Such fats stay in the body for up to 50 days and are a known cancer problem. Hydrogenated, and partially hydrogenated fats are in the same category. They persist in the body and do a lot of damage. Doughnuts are in this category I’m afraid. Refined grains such as white bread products are also damaging as they remove the good nutrients from the body. The good news here is that once you can get your diet right, you will feel a lot more energy, and won’t suffer from tiredness as much.

As you can see, by writing down your lifestyle habits as they are right now, you can start to pick your day apart and start adding healthy activity, and removing unhealthy activity.

Brendan Brosnan (B.ChemEng) has developed “Wise-Up Workouts – How to Re-construct Your Body in 30 Days or Less.”

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