Good Mattress Care For Good Health

It is recommended that a bed mattress should be replaced every 7 – 12 years. And the right mattress care can make a big difference to its longevity, your sleep, your health – and your wallet.

How do I care for a new mattress?

It’s important to turn your mattress (if it is a 2 sided mattress) and rotate it end to end regularly. Make sure that both sides of the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the mattress get equal wear by flipping them. It is recommended you do this on a monthly basis. Make sure you have help, as many mattresses are heavy (especially latex).

Always use a pillow and mattress protector which you should be able to purchase at a bedding and mattress store. You should wash your protectors weekly (so buy 2, one for the bed and one for the wash) and dry in the direct sunlight to kill any dust mites and their eggs. Try and obtain pillow and mattress protectors which are100% cotton and aim to replace them every few years.

Take care to never fold a mattress as this will certainly damage the springs.

And be mindful that you don’t put a new mattress on a saggy, damaged base. Bases don’t cost much, so invest in a good base to prolong the life of your mattress.

Regularly air your mattress away from direct sunlight with no bed clothes. Vacuum it using a vacuum head reserved specifically for your mattress.

Avoid sitting on the edge of your bed. If you must, sit right back and in different places each time.

And remember… mattresses are not made the same way as trampolines, so don’t use them as one!

Why does my new mattress smell and is it harmful?

Some people experience a particular smell when they take delivery of a new mattress.

Like a new car, mattresses may sometimes have a ‘new’ smell which will dissipate over a short period of time. Even mattresses made from first grade, high quality brand new materials, sometimes have a ‘new’ smell associated with them. This is normal even with non-toxic materials like water based glues which some new mattresses will contain. However the ‘smell’ from such substances should not be harmful to your health.

To minimise chances of other types of smells that a ‘new’ bed may contain, try to buy your mattress from a locally based supplier that obtains their stock direct from a local factory rather than purchasing an imported product. The latter may have been sitting in a container sweating on the high seas followed by sitting in dusty and dank warehouse.

If you are finding the smell unpleasant, try to air your room well with cool air and ensure the mattress has no bed clothes on it. DO NOT place it in direct sunlight as this will exacerbate the problem.

It is rare to notice any smell at all after 3 or 4 days and most of the time, you should notice no smell whatsoever. If after a few days if you still notice any odour, contact the store you purchased the mattress from.

This article on mattress care was provided by Regal Mattress Outlets.
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