Health Coaching

Health Coaching

For decades, professional athletes have engaged in coaching relationships to improve performance, develop skills, and excel at natural born abilities. Today all types of individuals and professionals are engaging with coaches to help them unlock their potential and begin achieving their personal best. When you have support and are confident, you will more quickly move along your health and wellness journey and achieve your goals.

Health coaching and its ROI has been all the hype recently. Health care is changing and we are being asked to take responsibility for our own health care needs. Why not, we are talking about your body, health, and wellness. Believe it or not, you can manage health care costs if you choose a preventative approach to staying healthy.

We have been led to believe that managing our health after we become sick is the norm. We go to the doctor, take pills, and manage our illness or disease based upon a doctor’s prescribed intervention. We can be accountable by creating a prevention plan and taking a proactive approach to managing our health. Accountability and responsibility for managing your health is not easy and may require support once you make the commitment to prevention. We all know being healthy is better for us, but actually achieving our goals is the hard part.

It really does not have to be hard and why not ask for support. Why not engage with a professional Health coach for prevention rather than a doctor for illness or disease management.

According to Well Coaches Corporation (2009), people who have engaged with a Health Coach have reported:

89% improvement in overall health and well-being
56% improvement in time spent exercising
75% decrease in stress related symptoms
50% increase in making healthy food choices
72% of people who lost weight were able to lose more than 5lbs
40% remained tobacco free at 6 months.

What is a Health coach and how can they help you achieve your optimal health and wellness goals? A Health coach supports and inspires you, encouraging you to become accountable and responsible for you health and wellness. A  Health coach helps you to realize the short and long-term benefits of a preventive approach to managing your health, motivating you toward a healthier future. A relationship with a Health coach is a proven approach to help people who are committed to health and wellness make lasting lifestyle-behavior changes.

As I mentioned at the beginning, professional athletes have engaged in coaching relationships to improve performance, develop skills, and excel for decades. Engaging with a health coach will help you to unlock your potential and begin achieving your personal best and optimal health and wellness. For more information or questions, please send me an email

Biography: Dr. Dionne Kress is the President of D.M.Kress, LLC, Performance Exceeding Possibility. She specializes in leadership development from a holistic perspective. She herself is leadership professional, fitness trainer, and health coach and has worked with leaders on holistic development. Dr. Kress has 16years of business experience and has personally experienced the positive impact of engaging in the practice of developing a healthy, mind, body, and spirit.

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