Prevent Prostate Cancer – 4 Essential Tips To Maintain Prostate Health

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Prostate Cancer is found in all Western countries and is particularly common in the USA, There are however many positive measures that you can implement

Here are 4 useful tips to implement within your daily life to promote and maintain excellent Prostate Health.

1) Lose your Belly Fat

Aim at all times to to keep your waistline trim. Fat within the body results in a lowering of Prostate Specific Antigen ( PSA) that circulates in the blood stream.

When your Doctor checks your PSA levels to ascertain if you do have prostate cancer – an excess of weight may result in a skewing of test results. So do plan for a healthy diet and a stable weight – check with your doctor if unsure – this is really important to get right!

2) Enjoy the sunshine!

This suggestion is both easy and enjoyable to implement. In contrast to what you may have heard the sun isn`t all bad. Indeed if used appropriately it can be an ally in your maintaing good prostate health

In the US research that was carried out on men living within the sunniest states found a 32% lower risk rate of prostate cancer. This is believed to be as a result of Vitamin D, which we can get from the sun.

However, if you are at all concerned about possible damage to skin from the sun, you can get your Vitamin D requirements from Cod Liver Oil instead.

3) Follow Popeye`s example – eat spinach!

One study established that men could possibly halve their risk of prostate cancer by establishing a high intake of folate. This is a nutrient that can be located in spinach.

Try if possible to aim for a daily quota of 400 micrograms ( MCG). As a guide a 180g serving of cooked spinach will provide approximately 100 mcg

4) Think Red!

A study review published in the Journal of Nutrition established that eating between two to four servings of raw tomatoes reduced men’s risk of prostate cancer. by 26%. As an alternative, you could opt for a glass of tomato juice which contains similar cancer busting qualities.

Lycopene which are found in cooked tomatoes have been found to have a protective effect, and this is an area of continuing research

There are a number of factors that cause prostate Cancer, including poor diet, an increasingly aging population and possible genetic factors. However there is as identified above a lot that can be done to promote good prostate health

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