Simple Diet and Nutrition Tips For Overweight Women Trying to Lose Weight

Today I want to offer diet and nutrition tips for overweight women trying to lose weight. These are tips that can be started on today.

These methods will not only make it easier to lose weight, but also whole lot more enjoyable.  Just finish reading the rest of this article if you really want to tackle your weight loss problem once and for all.

Simple Diet ad Nutrition Tips

Eat Apples and Bananas as Snacks

If you eat only apples and bananas as snacks, you can almost be assured of losing a pound a week just by doing this alone.  All you have to do is quit eating all your other snacks and focus on bananas and apples.  That’s it.

You won’t be giving up sugar completely, either.  You’ll just be getting sugar that is natural instead of the processed sugars included in junk foods.

Eat a salad or vegetable soup before meals

This method alone can easily cut 25-50% of your total daily calories without taking away essential nutrients or starving you.  Eat any kind of salad you like as long it contains only vegetables.

It’s important that you don’t eat soup from a can.  Make your soup from scratch.  Just make a big enough batch to last you the whole week.

So, you can still eat your favorite foods.  You just won’t be eating as much of them.

Include eggs with breakfast

Many people’s weight problems are caused either by skipping breakfast or eating an unhealthy breakfast.  This leaves your body starved for nutrients, so you start feeling hungry. 

So, your body is forced to try and catch up for this shortage throughout the rest of the day.  You should front load the calories you eat.  You’ll feel less hungry throughout the rest of the day.  And you’ll also experience less junk food cravings. 

The protein in eggs is great for your body and fills your stomach.  This makes them ideal for breakfast.

These are 3 excellent diet and nutrition tips for anyone that would like to lose weight without spending hours at the gym or starving. 

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