Sport and Health Care

It has been widely known for many years that there is a strong correlation between sport and health care. This is why many research facilities stress qualitative sport research, health and performance psychology, biomechanics and exercise physiology, but if you are solely an individual without access to all of those, what are you to do to increase your health care if you play in sports?

Many sport enthusiasts as well as sport athletes rely on sport or athlete supplements in order to improve their particular sports performance. This type of action has led to some medications being banned, but this does not apply to just supplements, and there are athletes who take them just to remain healthy. Thus the question now is what is in common health supplements and how do they correlate to sport and health care?

Creatine. Your body already produces this via your pancreas, liver and kidneys. It is also found in fish and meats in general. Creatine is used to improve the body’s strength. Athletes who participate in power lifting or sprinting benefit the most from it.
Country mallow. This particular plant supplement is known under many names such as Bala, white Mallow, Silky White Mallow, Sida Cordifolia, Malva-Branca-Sedosa, Malva-Branca, Khareti, Indian Chikana, Heartleaf, and Bariar. Both of its seeds and roots are used as ingredients in supplements and it is used to improve energy.
Bitter orange. Its Latin name is Citrus aurantium and it is actually created from an orange’s dried fruit, peel, leaves and flowers. It is used to keep weight down or even for weight loss.
Epimedium leaf extract. This particular Chinese herb has been widely used in order to treat sexual dysfunction, nerve and arthritic pain, as well as to treat fatigue.
Glucosamine. Glucosamine is naturally occurring in humans, but additional glucosamine supplements can stimulate cartilage growth, often found important to athletes.
Ribose. Out bodies create this naturally, as it is exceedingly important for energy. Thus this supplement gives better exercise performance as well as energy enhancement.

There are, of course many other general herbs and minerals found in natural supplements for those in sports, however we’ve covered the main ones only.

Granted not all of these are found in all supplements, but you should at least avail yourself of the knowledge of where the supplements come from and what they do for your body in relation to sport and health care. You can visit site to choose sports nutrition for your health.

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