Switch Off For Better Health

Is too much artificial light the reason that you are overweight or why you have insomnia? Studies have shown that while natural light is required to alleviate seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Too much artificial light not only changes your circadian rhythms but it can also contribute to heart disease, some cancers and weight gain. If we don’t get enough vitamin D we lose its protective influence against osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. The best way to get this important vitamin is to ensure that you get at least 10 minutes of sunlight every day.

Increasing scientific studies are revealing the power that exposure to natural light and artificial light can have on our bio rhythms and our every day functions.

Back before buildings and fluorescent lighting, when it got dark we went to sleep and when it got light we got up and started the day. Now we sit in front of computers at all hours, watch televisions that are in our bedrooms and clock radios emitting light next to our heads. Too much artificial light will disrupt your bodies ability to release melatonin at night when you need it. With lowered melatonin levels you compromise your immune system and increase the chance of getting breast cancers and tumors in some well lit countries by up to 75 percent. Even the smallest amount of night light can affect your circadian rhythms so keep all light emitting devices outside of the bedroom. If you need a light to turn on in the middle of the night make sure it’s a red one to reduce the effect on melatonin.

Since the anti-sun movement became popular, many of us don’t go outside much at all, and when we do we cover up every square inch of ourselves and as a consequence we don’t get enough natural sunlight. Try to increase your exposure to the suns rays for your health’s sake.

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