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Among many dental clinics based in Delhi, The Dental & Orthodontic Clinic, at Vasant Vihar is the dental clinic in new delhi that has been marked as the most efficient dental clinic which provides its patients with utmost dental care. This dental clinic in South Delhi knows that responsibility is forever and is not an overnight task. The Dental & Orthodontic Clinic which is a dental clinic in Vasant Vihar, South Delhi was started in January 2000 and serving the people with efficient care since 10 years. The owner of this clinic is now counting on 8 years of academic experience Dr. Tanvir is working as professor & H.O.D. and Dr. Gunita as lecturer.

There are five major dental clinics in Delhi those deserve a mention here. These dental clinics in Delhi are actually the centers situated at Sharma complex, Chattarpur; Anand Niketan; Sanatan Dharma Mandir, N-Block Saket and 5th centre situated at Bada Gurudwara Complex, Safdarjung Enclave. These dental clinic in delhi provide the best Orthodontic treatments in Delhi.

Dental clinic New Delhi offers many Orthodontic treatments in Delhi and that to with the latest technology of teeth treatment. Orthodontic treatments are offered for patients who have complaints of protruded or forwardly placed teeth, crooked or irregular teeth. The orthodontic treatment duration may vary around 1 to 1 ½ yrs depending on the requirement of the condition. Orthodontic treatments in Delhi can change your life because through these treatments you can improve upon your looks.

Orthodontic Treatments may not necessitate removal of two / four teeth removal as indicated by each individual’s facial pattern and the requirement of the conditions of the teeth. Orthodontic Treatment in Dental clinic New Delhi involves attaching brackets to the teeth and inserting wires and pulling them back into their correct position. The patient is required to visit the Orthodontist once in a month regularly until the completion of the Orthodontic treatment. Dental clinic in South Delhi provides quite helpful Orthodontic treatments to its patients with utmost care and comfort.

This Dental clinic in New Delhi situated at vasant vihar has a spacious conference room, well managed waiting lobby, a notice board, a diligent staff, and a team of experienced doctors working hard to provide best possible treatment to patients.  Treatment room of the dental clinic New Delhi possesses all the latest technology machines required for efficient treatment.

Apart from orthodontic treatment, Dental clinic New Delhi also offers some other treatment options. These are: Prosthodontic treatment, Root canal treatment, periodontal treatment, Cosmetic treatments, dental implants, Adult orthodontic clinic, oral medicine and radiology and pediatric dentist. Appointments for any particular treatment can be taken online also.

It was a misconception that orthodontic treatments can’t be done efficiently after a particular age but know with the latest technology and kind of dental treatment machines dental clinic New Delhi uses; it is not only possible ;even you can undergo orthodontic treatments at any age. At this Dental Clinic New Delhi, patients are not just treated but their souls are healed by making them to smile again.

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