Tips On Best Diet Burning Fat

With so many Americans overweight, and so much money being spent on the diet industry, it is obvious that not all diets can help you to lose weight. If all methods of diets worked, everyone would have lost weight and stay thin. However, this is not the case. Therefore, some methods are better than others. Here is a general overview of the best ways to burn fat, and the best diet burning fat.

When you lose weight, you lose almost equal amounts water, muscle and fat. Since people on a diet only want to lose one of those, the most efficient diets and exercises for fat loss alone need to be found.


In terms of exercise, all exercise is good. Exercise burns calories, which is great, but it also builds muscle, which burns more calories than fat while idle as well. So, if you exercise to build muscle, you will burn more calories when you are and are not moving.

Weight training, or using machines that simulate weight training, help build muscle at a greater rate than cardio, like running or biking. But because they can burn fewer calories while exercising, and it is recommended to only do weight training every other day, a good exercise program for burning fat includes both.


A good diet is incredibly important to burning fat. The best diet for both your body and your weight loss efforts is a balanced one. A ratio of 40:30:30 is often recommended, with 40 percent of your diet made of carbohydrates, 30 percent of protein, and 30 percent fat. Of course, what kinds of carbs, protein and fats are important too.

Carbohydrates should be unrefined, whole grain carbs with minimal processing. Choose brown rice, whole wheat bread and crackers, and whole grain spaghetti and cereal. Proteins should be high quality and lean — fish is a great protein and essential fatty acid source, but chicken, tofu, beans and eggs are good too. Fat should be mostly unsaturated or polyunsaturated — the kinds of fats found in fish and vegetable fats, not saturated, which is the kind found in animal fats like red meat and dairy.

Vegetables and fruits are also important in a diet. Besides giving you essential nutrients, they contain fiber, which fills you up without being highly caloric. Eat as many type of vegetables and fruits as you can. You should also have more servings of fruits and vegetables as recommended.

Calorie restriction is necessary to lose weight. But it doesn’t have to be painful. You can replace half your portion of dinner with mixed veggies, and you will still get to eat what you want and feel comfortably satiated while cutting calories. Choose low or non-fat milk in your coffee, and use lower fat cheeses. If you are cooking with them, you won’t even notice the difference.

Be careful with low fat foods, however — some of them have just replaced the fat with sugar, and have almost as many calories. In general, smaller portions of regular fat food are a better idea than low fat foods.

In the end, the best diet burning fat is one that you will stick with, so make changes slowly and if you just can’t tolerate giving up your favorite dish, try to eat less of it and less often. If you deprive yourself of foods that you really want to eat, you may end up eating more of them later when your self-control snaps. Therefore, do remember that a little goes a long ways. Control yourself well to succeed with weight loss!

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