Tips on Getting More Fruit and Vegetables Into Your Diet

It is so vitally important that everyone eat at least their fair share of fruit and vegetables on a regular basis. This is common knowledge, yet so many people look the other way when it comes to treating their body in a healthy way. Here are some tips to get more of these life savers into your diet.

Stock up on your favorite fruits and vegetables. Always have more than you can eat lying around your kitchen. Sometimes it’s even good to leave an apple or a banana on your TV room’s coffee table, so that it’s right there and you don’t even have to get up to get it. In other words, make it easy for you to eat more fruit.

Another tip I like to use is to mentally remind myself of the benefits of vegetable such as broccoli. It has been shown to reduce cancer risks pretty significantly. Reminding yourself of these things whenever you think of them will translate into more eating of these healthy treats.

For those of you with kids, or those of you who still wish you were a kid, try drinking your fruits and vegetables. We’ve juiced carrots, lettuce, celery, sweet potatoes, kale, peaches, grapes, apples, oranges and more. And they all taste great, especially when you combine a sweet fruit juice with a lot of vegetable juices.

Finally, I suggest that you don’t always have to eat completely raw fruits and vegetables. If you’re on the go a lot, you can buy little snack packs of peaches or fruit mixture. Buy cups of fruit, or cans of fruit, and bring these to work with you so that you can eat them at anytime of the day. Dried fruits are another great snack idea, and they are great for stashing in the glove compartment of you car for emergency snacking needs.

Getting more fruit and veggies into your diet is a matter of making it easy for you to do so. Make a commitment and work toward it everyday. You will feel much better.

Frances Somerset teaches and blogs about health living and the cooking skills you need to eat healthfully. To read about her juicing experiments with the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer visit

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