Top 5 Diet Tips That Are Easy To Follow

According to a 2008 report by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), about 26.1% of adults in the US were obese and the situation shows no signs of improving. Everyone knows how to lose weight… eat healthy and exercise more. However, we are also aware of how hard it is to stick to these diet plans. While it is tough, some do manage to lose weight. Here is how they pull it off.

Easy Tips to Losing Weight the Easy Way

A report by Marketdata Inc., which analyses the US diet industry, estimated the revenue generated in 2010 to be around $ 68.7 billion. This just proves how much an average person spends on losing weight. You, however, need not burn a hole in your pocket to have the “perfect” figure. Just follow these simple diet tips:

Drink plenty of water: Drinking water has a number of benefits. It has no calories, no chemicals and best of all it curbs your appetite. Drinking water will also flush out bad toxins and even speed up your metabolism to some extent.
Eat several small meals during the day: Eating smaller meals during the day will help to keep your metabolic rate high. This helps because it prevents you from feeling hungry through the day. Also, since the body will be processing smaller meals, it will be burning off calories faster.
Reduce the amount of fat in your diet: Fat is very dense, yet not very filling. So, ever if you eat a lot of butter on your toast or oily fries, you will feel hungry again in a short period. Instead, look for healthy fat alternatives. Try to stay away from “low-fat” and “no fat” products, as they are generally made by adding sugar to make them more tasty. Although your fat intake will go down, your calorie consumption will be fairly high. You can try to replace fatty foods with vegetables, because the high fiber levels in vegetables and fruits will make you feel full for a longer time.
Go for soups: Soups have multiple benefits when you are dieting. They are filling, are on calories, take longer to eat and have higher nutritional value. Moreover, soups tend to speed up the metabolic rate and also reduce hunger pangs. However, you should watch out for creamy soups, as these are high in calories and salt.
Eat slowly: Although you might have to rush through your meals because you are late for work or an appointment, try to eat your food slowly. Eating slowly will help you enjoy your food more and leave you feeling satisfied for a much longer period of time. Eating slowly also helps your food get digested better. Moreover, when eating slowly, you actually realize when you are full and not overeat.

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