Tummy Tuck Recovery: Tips on Diet and Exercise

Tummy tucks are growing in popularity. While most people can expect excellent results people who carefully follow their cosmetic surgeon’s tummy tuck recovery instructions enjoy the best results. Some specific tummy tuck recovery tips on diet and exercise should help you keep your new contours toned and shapely for many years to come.

Tummy Tuck Maintenance Diet

Watch your calories. Just avoid taking in more calories than you burn up. It is really that simple. If you have never tracked your calorie intake or usage, it is a good idea to learn the number of calories in the foods, and portions, that you eat.

Eat healthier foods. Switch to fruits, vegetables and lean protein foods and watch your portions. Not only do these foods pack fewer calories, but they aid in healing, too.

Space your meals. Pay attention to how your body handles hunger and digestion. Space your meals to prevent excessive hunger or stuffing yourself. Try dividing three meals into several smaller meals.

Stay hydrated. Nothing is more beneficial to your skin than good hydration. And the best source of hydration is water. Drink plenty of it. Water helps keep your tissues strong and elastic. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they draw fluid from your system.

Skin care. Skin care is as important as diet for balanced nutrition. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about tummy tuck skin care products to nourish the tautness and health of your skin.

Tummy Tuck Exercise

The most successful tummy tucks are the result of your cosmetic surgeon’s experience, skill and knowledge. But your cooperation in following tummy tuck recovery instructions will determine how good and how long the results will last.

Tone up. Develop routines that include walking regularly, and moderate exercise such as biking or swimming. If you build your tone and strength before surgery, you will find it easier to resume healthy exercise routines after surgery.

Resume exercise gradually. Do not expect to return to your pre-surgery level of exercise immediately. You need to give your tummy tuck incision and stitches a chance to heal. Exercise can aggravate soreness and irritate the incision and tissues that are trying to heal.

Stretching is important. Stretching keeps your muscles and skin flexible, but use caution. Incisions can burst if stretched too much before they have healed. You can also stretch the scar tissue, leaving prominently visible scars. So, find that balance between an incision that heals with no flexibility and one that is stretched to the point of being ugly.

Burn your calories. It is useful to know how many calories any given exercise burns up. If you need to swim for an hour to burn up that second helping, then plan to do it. If you have a desk job, find out how many calories it takes to sit, type, talk on the phone or whatever you do during your daily routine. Then adjust your meals accordingly.


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