Yoga The Guide To Healthy Living

Yoga has been in existence since 5000 years. The ancient Yoga Gurus have been known to develop this science and was in practice in Ancient India. Scriptures suggest that these Yoga gurus were known for their health and vigor which lead to their long lives. Yoga is a technique that comes under the aegis of Ayurveda . Ayurveda in itself is a way of life that helps a human being to lead a disease free healthy life. Yoga has been known to be a healer not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. The smoothness of some of the techniques in Yoga are such that they have been known to cure many a mental disorders and emotional upheavals. Yoga is the biggest stress buster and is many corporates have been organizing Yoga camps and have arranged for Yoga instructors to reduce the level of stress among their employees which crops up from cut throat competition and excessive workload. Chronic back pains in which orthopedics only suggest bed rest is cured by Yoga with gentle exercises like Dru Yoga that helps to stretch and relax the tight muscles which are a cause for back muscle pain.One of the surprising benefits of yoga is the higher levels of energy which regular practitioners experience. Rather than relying on coffee or other stimulants to get going in the morning, ten minutes of daily yoga can give you a great energy rush with no side effects. Yoga students reported that 86% of them enjoyed increased energy levels after practicing yoga.
Like all fitness techniques Yoga also stresses upon the importance of breathing. Yoga has a specialized technique that concentrates purely on breathing called Pranayama. In these modern times one can see many a lifestyle gurus teaching the secrets of healthy living to the world; when you go deep into their techniques you will find that the basis for all these techniques is Yoga with slight modifications so hat they can easily identify it as their own techniques.For more information about Massages Ayurvediques Marseille, Soins du Corps, Soins du Visage Marseille, Ayurvediques Massage Marseille, Soins du Corps Marseille visit –

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